Association of University Directors of Estates (AUDE)

The Association of University Directors of Estates (AUDE) promotes excellence in the strategic planning, management, operation and development of Higher Education estates and facilities.  AUDE offers membership to publicly funded UK bodies whose primary remit is higher education teaching and/or research.  There are also membership categories for commercial bodies and alternative providers. AUDE is a not-for-profit organisation.  Any funds generated through the activities of the Association are used to fulfil its objectives and mission. 

AUDE’s activities include:

  • providing opportunities for discussion, consultation, the exchange of knowledge and good practice
  • helping members share expertise and take action to address common concerns
  • promoting and enhancing professional competence
  • representing member interests
  • building partnerships with related organisations regionally, nationally and internationally.


  • To promote excellence in the strategic planning and management, administration, operation and development of the University Estate and Facilities
  • To optimise solutions to common problems and concerns by disseminating and harnessing the particular expertise, experience and knowledge of Members for mutual benefit
  • To further AUDE objectives by meetings, seminars, conferences, lectures, discussions and other activities
  • To provide forums for discussion, consultation and exchange
  • To influence opinion formers and decision-makers on estates issues
  • To consider and advise on matters referred by Universities UK, the Higher Education Funding Councils and other outside bodies and individuals
  • To consult with the professional institutions and other bodies on estate matters and to work in partnership with related organisations regionally, nationally and internationally
  • To maintain and promote professional competence and ethical standards
  • To promote opportunities for development and training for the benefit of Members and their respective staff
  • To establish, develop, maintain and promote systems for the dissemination of information relating to estate matters
  • To promote the reputation and activities of the Association and its members regionally, nationally and internationally.

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